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PDF sheet - Riva Waterjet 24V -download

210 cm

105 cm

75 cm

30 - 40 cm

75 kg

PE (polyethyleen) and INOX

Yellow, blue, red and brown.

2 children or 1 adult + child;

120 kg ; max 200 kg

2x 550 watt electro

Lithium-ferro 120 Ah

CE 1176

Trailer, on board radio and

official LED lights.








Max persons

Load max



EC marking

Options / extra's


Speedy 24V

The Riva 24V is the sophistocated version of the Speedy family. Specially designed for rental company's or leisure professionals who like to rent fast and unique boats.

The boat is fabricated of the PE (polyethyleen, rotation moulded) material, which is strong and shockproof to last for many years.

With its double inbourd electro engines, this little boat is very fast, and with its lithium-ferro batteries not that heavy at all. Because of its leight weight also easy to get it in and out the water.

The Riva is ideal for little undeep waters. Ask us for a presentation of this new product, so we can inform you about the details of charging, coin-counter-systems and different engine options.

Riva 24V twin waterjet