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Age range




EC marking



Standard extra's

Optional extra's


Advised rentals

1 till 5 years

Lxbxh 110x60x105 cm

4 ply air tires 20 cm

6005 & 6006 2 RS bearings

EN 1176 & 1177

Poudercoated steel

Polyethyleen (full colored)

Front wheel suspension

Bagage pocket and coinlock system

Nestbaar tot 36 cm (per kar 60x36 cm)

From € 2,- each day

Child Trolley

This Child Trolley or Children Stroller is a high quality dutch product. Because of the unique shape, which can be selected or specially designed for your amusement park. This trolley is an attraction in itself and can be found in many european Zoo's and amusement parks, see our referenties..

This Child Trolley can be made in many different shapes, from eliphant till little train (the design is free from 50 stuks), with this product your park will,  be unique and more fun for toddlers and children till 5 year old.

With a extra service this product can easely look as new for at least 10 years, earning every year the new price back (return on investment is within one year).

PDF - Child trolley - download