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Firefighter 24V Ahoy Series








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The new Ahoy Series are an

unique and innovative dutch design.

PDF sheet - Firefighter Ahoy Series 24V - download

The Firefighter is a special of the Ahoy Series. The Ahoy boats are 10 foot long and have a 24V waterjet engine for safe water propulsion and impuls steering for perfect stearing qualities. With a real working dashboard, this mini boat is designed for four children and one adult.

The fire fighter has a watercanon that realy works. The watercanon can optionally be automatically switched off when it isn't near the 'fire' location.

The impuls steering is an worldwide innovation, this makes it possible to steer direct even if the boat moves slowly forward. And without any moving parts on the outside or rear of the boat.

Ask us for a presentation of this product, so we can inform you about the details of easy charging, docking features and the special game app ®.

310 cm

155 cm

125 cm

40 cm

235 kg

PE (polyethyleen) and Inox

Red, blue and white

4 children or 1 adult + 3 children;

200 kg ; max 300 kg

800 Watt

2x 12Volt 72 Ah (or 2x 95 Ah)

CE 1176

Docking station, game app ® and auto return fuction.