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Electric Boats   

These electric powered boats, are strong rotation moulded boats with an electric truster or waterjet turbine and innovative impuls steering ®.

Belvedere Eco

Belvedere Impuls Belvedere Eco

24 Volt electric boat with inboard brushless 3.0 kW propellor motor.

New in 2019

Pedal boat with 24 Volt electric support. While pedaling the batteries are recharging, perfect for long rides.

Darlenys EV

Sylvana Rescue

Riviera 420

Riviera 420

420E : 96 Volt electric boat with inboard watercooled 14 kW waterjet motor.

420R : Waterjet V2 4-tec Briggs&Stratton motor, 16 kW with HHO generator.

New in 2020

Darlenys EV