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Speedy Martina Bugatti Quatro Jeep Electro

In the year 2017, after two years of development, we presented the new pedal boat 'the Darlenys'. Specially designed with the newest technology and highest standards. In the year 2018, the electric version was introduced on the Nordsea: Darlenys EV.

This year 2019 the Belvedere will be introduced. This elektro water Jet boat, has two waterjets and impuls water steering (patented).

Van Dalen Products develops every year several unique products, for the international leisure market.

Our newest products Ahoy and Belvedere will be presented in september 2019 at IAAPA - EAS Paris.

2005 - 2007

Belvedere Impuls Production

Belvedere waterjet boat

Ahoy Series

2008 - 2016