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Toddlers Hippo Bugatti Quatro Jeep Electro Zoo Trolleys Riviera 420

Riviera 420

3D Model 2022

Jeep Petrol

Van Dalen Products produces high quality products for the leisure market in the Netherlands.

Van Dalen deisgns her own products, which are made to enjoy and make your customers have a great day of quality time well spend together. With several innovative features for better control and quality that last a life-time.

All products are desiged for the new circulair economie. Which means that products are getting more beautifull when they are aging. And all materials can be reused.

Van Dalen newest product line is the Belvedere Eco boat, with waterwheel propulsion for shallow waters. Next year we hope to have the new Ahoy Ubuntu and Nemo Ahoy series ® ready. These little boats will be produced in different designs specially for City Boats Benelux.

If you like to visit us at the factory in Rotterdam, please make an appointment.

For extra info or to be informed of our latest products, sent us an email or sign in for our newsletter click here.