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Max persons








Max load





6 tot 8

370 cm

200 cm

98 cm

25-40 cm

285 kg

PE & Inox

All RAL colors

600 kg

1.2 kW electric water wheel

2x AGM 120 Ah accu's (totaal 24V)

5 - 12,5 km/h

Sunpower panel, unique loading-dock-system®, rental app for data and easy control.

Darlenys 24V


The Darlenys Electric 'touring boat' or 'fishing boat', is a rotation moulded PE quality product, for multi purposes.

The 'Darlenys 24V' is ideal for rental, with a long battery usage of more than 8 hours (depending on the speed).

Thanks to the rotation moulded hull, this boat has no need to be painted. The catamaran under water shape has a maximum stability and easy acces steps for 6 persons, sitting opposite of eachother (more recreational value).

>> With an 1.2 kW electric water wheel underneath. This economic electric waterwheel propulsion has two big advantages: the boat has no problem with shallow waters, and waterplants are kept alive and untouched.

Thanks to the dubbel rudder, this boat is designed for low speed with perfect manouvrebility.

>>Optional extra's: a strong and durable inox railing, navigation lights, anchor winch, inboard LED lights with compass for recreational evenings. Options for Solar power roof and windenergie loadingsystem, or a unique loadingdock-system ® with rental app for data and easy control.