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The Speedy Martina is an elektric waterjet boat. Very strong and incredibly tough. With an inboard waterjet 24 volts electro motor, this little boat is perfect for shallow waters and save for childrens feet or hands even when they would fall into the water.

These mini boats have a perfect manouvrebility because of the impuls waterpressure steering. These boats are designed  for two children or one with one adult.

The same model is also available as pedal boat, the Speedy Max.  No charging of batteries and almost zero maintenance.  Klik here for the Speedy Max pedal boat.

220 cm

105 cm

50 cm

40 cm

95 kg

PE (polyethyleen) and INOX

Yellow, green, blue and red.

2 children or 1 adult + child;

120 kg ; max 200 kg

800 W

2x AGM 12Volt 75 Ah (or 2x 120 Ah)

CE 1176

Coin-system, steering console, LED light.

Speedy Martina 24V




Water depth




Max persons

Load max



EC marking

Options / extra's


PDF - Speedy Martina 24V - download

Speedy Max

Easy handling, because of the innovative water steering.