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Toddlers Hippo

PDF sheet - Toddlers Hippo - download

Specially for hospitals and indoor playgrounds Van Dalen designed this Hippo. This toddlers fun slide is made of pure blue PE material and therefore never wears out. It will look as new for many years (10 years garantie).

This fun slide in the shape of a friendly Hippo looks nice and is save for all children to play at. Little children can crowl underneath and the little toddlers can run, slide and hide under this blue Hippo. Thanks to the strong contruction and materials this hippo is even outdoors usable..

This product is made of pure blue polyethyleen. So no paint is used, because the colar is true and so after many years this hippo will still look the same. This material is hygiënid and very strong, (10 year garantie).

CE 1176