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The Tour 300 is solide, maintenance free and easy to use. This leisure boat is specially designed for rental use. De electro engine runs on 12 or 24 Volt and can run on a battery for at least 8 hours. De rotation molded body is double chambered, the color is no paint but pure PE material, so it will look as new for many years without any extra work.

The Electro Tour 300 'silent boat' is perfect for nature, city's and nature areas. The Tour 300 has a steering console and can be customized with LED lights and railings.

With the bagage place in the center of the baot, this Tour 300 is also ideal as party or picknick boat, produced in every color you like.

352 cm

140 cm

75 cm

40 cm

140 kg

PE & RVS 318

electrische 12 volt motor

Yellow, blue, grey en green

4 adults

300 kg

CE 1176

LED lightning and reserve accu.

Electro boat 'Tour 300'









Persons max

Load max


Options / extra's


The silent 'Tour 300' is specialley designed for rental use at nature or city areas.

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