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Van Dalen Products products are produced with the cleantech methode'.

The cleantech methode means that 1) only the best durable merials are used, and 2) by good maintenance the lifetime can be stretched by ten to twenty years. Many parts are reused in the lease mode, so the product can last and last, and materials are spared.

Products are designed for intensive use and many happy hours of fun.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials, such as Inox, Lexan and Polyethyleen, the products show no signs of aging. One of the reasons, is that no paint is used and colors are pure molded in the material PE.

The Van Dalen Products are made with intensive care and after service. Because is this maintenance and yearly inspections the Van Dalen products will last a 'lifetime' and your investment was also once in a 'lifetime'.

The products are made of pure colored materials, so we keep almost no products in stock. Therefore it is necessary to order your wanted product in the winter, so we can make it with most care, and have it ready in the spring, so you can surprise your public when the doors open.





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