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Mini Boats / Ahoy series

Ahoy Pirate Ahoy Firefighter Ahoy Unicorn

The Ahoy Series are proudly made in the Netherlands

The Ahoy Series - mini boats are our latest high quality leisure products for the professional leisuremarket. These products are as the other proud products produced from the strongest materials, Inox steel and rotation moulderd PE.

We give 5 to 10 years garanty on our products, when serviced and pre maintenance from our technici.

The Ahoy Series can be custom made to your theme, ask our design team for details.

The Ahoy boats can be ordered in an unique set of 6 boats:

- Police (with voice speaker on roof)

- Douane (with radar screen)

- Pirat (with compas & sound kanon)

- Rescue (with searchlight)

- Berenboat (with compass & horn)

- Princess (with girlpower boost)

- Fire fighter (with watercanon on front)

- Unicorn (with music keys and horn)

- Disco (with lights & drum computer)

- El Caribe (with anchor and coral vieuwer)

These Ahoy boats are designed for four children

and have the highest quality parts, electric

engine and batteries on board.

- Nikola (with wind energy or solar)

- Racing 10 (with flat wind screen and stripes)

- Maduro (with autopilot return button)

- Port of Rotterdam (watercanon & speaker)